Friday, October 2, 2009

'Eid Edition : 1st Episode

Wahh..seems like most of my blogger frens already shared their raya stories. And right now... I cant even think of arranging plots for my raya tales to be jotted down here. Tonnes of work to do and I have to chase deadline on next Friday (9/10/09). For the whole week I keep my attention totally on doing them ( too many to describe here ) this particular moment, I really wanna do something else rather than focusing on current task. So..lets take a look at some part of my raya new experience. Why new? yeah..absolutely ..definitely coz of my sweet daughter, Raihana Izzati :)

The day before raya (Saturday)..

I was busy being a chef at mom in-law's house. Started right on the afternoon after I came by.. we started to cook some common raya menus : I did the sambal goreng (javanese dish - johorean should know this ), kuah kacang and kuah lodeh. I left the main course (rendang ayam) to the senior chef : mama...hehehe :) (Instant)Nasi impits were done by father in-law. Hubby? heee... 'deal' with Hana for sure. We finished everything at 6 o'clock and alhamdulillah.. the last fast-breaking of Ramadhan completely done. Ramadhan left us behind and will only come back next year.. If permissible, insyaAllah.. we'll meet again :'( So.. after maghrib prayer, we had the 'salam-salam' event together.. and I received my 1st (and last) duit raya from my in-laws..hehe, thanks mama + ayah :) After that 'forgiving' and switching duit hari raya event, we perform solat isyak and 'eid takbir.. Right after that, we started our balik kampung journey to Alor Gajah. This year is our turn to spend 1st day of raya at my kampung.. and part of all my worries began : Can Hana stand the situation???

Arrived at Alor Gajah almost at 10.30pm.. The balcony was fulled with my relatives.. Hana still steady (hahaha). After a minute I put her in her walker..she walked away a bit and suddenly I heard she cried... Hehe, she was pinched by her 1 year old pakcik..hahahahaha :D pity her... My dad (hana's atok) entertained her while I helped at the kitchen. Hubby?.. sebuk nak maen mercun and hanging with my unmarried + married but mcm budak2 punye cousins :D Overall, hana's performance was quite good that night. She slept soundly in her moyang's room and that went by peacefully (everyone was still tired of their own journey I guess).

1st day of Raya...
1 Syawal 1430..

Everyone woke up early that morning.. definitely for 1 purpose : ETR - Entering Toilet Race.. hahaha :) a normal situation in raya morning. Best people took the very early turn, done with shower and perform prayer at masjid ( my dad, my hubby and grandfather). Lucky people still took the early turn and able to perform subuh prayer on a correct time and those not-too-lucky did the 'subuh gajah' prayer.. hehehe..
Then, everyone had their short breakfast before rushed to mosque. Early birds gained the best place while late birds (hahaha) perform 'eid prayer next to the mosque stairs, balcony, even toilets :) And where was I?? hehe... preparing my hana to look stunning before 'salam-salam' event with everyone :) hehehe... then.. the event started...

Visiting houses..

On that day.. we visited 6 houses around alor gajah. And on the last house, hana and me looked very 'selebet' and 'merengas'.. she was very tired coz of her uncertain sleep schedule, dealt(cried) with people who tried to hold her, feeling hot in crowded houses.. and I also got selebet coz of calming her from keep crying. She pulled my tudung, my baju when tried to defend herself from been taken by others..hehe, syian ye... :)

Much worst, after the visits ended.. as I reached my nenek's house. My cousins began the 'main mercun' session..arghh!! I H.A.T.E this part... unfortunately, my hubby took part in this session. What can I say?? I can only nagging myself... Hana was very tired and she couldn't sleep coz of the blasting sounds.. what's the consequence? she whined laa kan??..For God sake! ayooo... at last she slept after those 'gentlemen' had their late nite supper at warung. And the nite gain her peaceful back...

2nd & 3rd day of raya..

More relax than yesterday... everyone was taking their time, had breakfast and watch tv.. most of the relatives already headed to in-laws house and so will us... That afternoon, we had to meet mama & ayah at Garden Hotel, Batu Pahat. So .. after gave farewell greet to my family and the rest of relatives, we began our journey to batu pahat (bp) at 10.30 o'clock a.m. Hana slept all the way from alor gajah to BP..still tired perhaps.. And I can say that she was completely tired for the whole 2 days in BP + Neg.9. She always cried.. and she woke up at night and cried, she cant eat properly.. and the saddest part, she became very passive before we reach N9. Very quiet and keep hugging me. I cant stand of seeing her like that.. Right after we reached hubby's aunt's house.. I took hana to bath. Then after that, she regain her energy :) After maghrib, we rushed to Serdang as everyone of us started to had a headache, moody and 'badan melekit2'.. hehehe. Hana enjoyed her meal that nite so much by finishing the whole mangkuk of nestum. Hahaha... and we ended that nite with early went to sleep.

So, the evaluation for Alor Gajah & BP ???

- Hana was .. OK la..except for BP and N9.
- We should have a good supply of water, especially to bath hana if she already whined in the middle of journey. I think R & R are not too suitable right? Quite dirty...
- We should prepare more for the uncertain condition especially dealing with Hana's tiredness.
- Maybe should standby more of refreshments for ourself?
But.. next year Hana will be 1 year ++ .. the 'ragam' should be lesser ..rite? hopefully :)

p/s : Piccas will be attached soon.. I lost my phone cable :p