Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mini Raya09 Gathering

Syawal had set off yesterday..but I'm still not finish with visiting relatives agenda. Lots of houses still need to be attend. Wonder why it seems so time-packed this year. I think we already optimised weekend time by start visiting early in the morning and returned home at night.. hmmmm.... Maybe seemed optimised by hana's existence... had to fullfill her needs while rushing to every house. 3-4 house per day was tired, so long being far away from home. Hehe..not optimum enough though...

Ok...would like to post some pics during my small openhouse @ mini gath. So wonderful to see everyone of u on that day. Some were quite long lost (jauh di mata dekat di hati).. and some could be seen almost every week..hehehe... For those who cant make that day (Khadijah & family, Mahfuzah, Maryam, Faiz, Junaidah, Tipah & family, Wani) nevermind.. we'll see each other next time, kay?? :) Ok, let the pics help me do the talking... comes the 1st (punctual 3pm) guest.. Cik Che Da... and with her was my long lost KISAS junior, Wan Nurul Amellin (miss her so much) and a new fren.. but she (still) didn't bring her future husband like I always asked!!.. :D :D :D

And the 2nd guest arrived right an hour after the 1st..hehe. Puan Nazihah (Jiah) with her beautiful Sumayyah Syahidah and her dearest husband.. Ust Saaban. Ermm.. Min, rugi tak ikut skali oo :D..

Then...half an hour later, this newly-delivered mum arrived with her husband, Ust Hafeez Abu Seman. At this time, she was in 36 weeks of pregnancy.. and now she already gave birth to a handsome baby boy.. and I still haven't pay a visit yet... Sijangkang is quite far..huhu :D

Next..was Hairin and family, this supposed-to-be co-organizer arrived veeery the late.. hahaha :D It's okay, forgiven! :p And next to Muaz is auntie Che Da who tried to 'bodek' Muaz to be her son in law (yet she still not producing any 'Nur Mumtaz bt. Mohd....ehem,ehemm.. lagi)hahaha :))

Tadaa.. the special appereance of the day. Puan Najibah and her cute,adorable 2 months++ Nur 'Aqilah. With Tuan Hisham of course... Now, she settled down in Kuantan..and we could only make conversation thru YM... and only that day, I could see her 'Aqilah after she managed to pass with flying colors in her 'Baby Deliver Examination: July Paper' :D ... Well, I'm one of her 'tutor' to be exact. (gelak guleng2 :))

..and not forgetting the late birds : Rahmat and family (Naimah+Irfan), and the latest bird cum co-organizer who supposed to bring Lemang and Rendang, Cik Aziah.. arrived when everybody was about to give farewell !! And those Lemang were eaten by Tuan Rumah. Luckily the lemang were superb. Rugi aa korang tak makan lemang tuh..hahaha :D

The house was merrier..

The food was great (Mee Rebus tempah from katerer and home made fruit koktel)

Mothers and Mum-to-be were busy chatting...

And fathers and dad-to-be were busy eating...

While the babies were busy sleeping..

And Big Babies (Hana & Muaz) busy flirting.. Hana got 2 kisses from Muaz that day..hahaha, seems like the unborn Mumtaz has to find another boy... Irfan baby Rahmat perhaps?? Hahahaha :D

And this my 2 lovely 'assistants'.. Yg muke ala-ala ayu tuh.. thanks for helping me through the hectic day. And Hana.. for not meragam and very sporting that day.. always smiling and showing her 2 tooties... hehe. I LOVE both of u till the end of my life!! :)

And again, for all of u guys.. thanks for coming, eventho in short time but really meaningful. Dont know when I could see everyone in a happy time again. Hopefully He would give permission to set the wonderful moment next time..InsyaAllah..amin.. :) I love u..all my dearest fren (for those who made it and also who cant make it... Ukhuwwah sejati lestari selamanya) :)


Ninie said...

bila nak jemput saya pulak..hehe

Mama Hana said...

Hehe...copekla balek sini... leh akak jemput skali :)

Nurul Huda said...

Hamboi..3x.. Ligat sungguh kopalo tuh, kalu bab2 ngater org.. Ya Allah, berilah keinsafan pada sahabtku ini...Ameen...Uiks, ingatkan mee rebus wat sendiri, hampeh betol..patutlah sodap giler babas.. wonder gak, camner bleh pandai masak tahap gaban ni... Adeeehhh... hehehehehe

Mama Hana said...

Haha..che da, mane de saye ngater... tu sume suatu fakta yang mane jika di'chapterize'kan.. dpt markah tu :) cuma fakta tu tak diakui oleh empunya badan aje.. so, salah sape?? wakakaka. Mee rebus tu..kalo saya masak lagi sedap giler babas alagappa adabi sume... tu baru tempah tu..hahahaha :D