Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some short views over Kartika's issue..

The very 1st thing I do after switching on my PC & get connected to net @ my to scroll down issues on online newspapers. But yesterday.. there was an issue that really captured my attention and turned on my curiosity. It was Kartika's whipped sentence that has been temporarily aborted due to fasting month. And there was our 'beloved' PM directly adviced Kartika to appeal and not to simply accept (redha) the sentence. What the heck??!!.. Is that true that statement had been said by a Malaysian Muslim leader when she was obviously breaking the Islamic law and pleaded guilty?? Really a pathetic statement in this Ramadhan as well as the becoming 52nd Independence Day. For those who is unaware about this issue.. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, a muslim model is carrying out 6 canes sentence and fined for drinking beer in public. The whip sentence was supposed to be carried out yesterday but was aborted due to (uneacceptable) reason : Respect the fasting month. Ramadhan is suppose to be the best time for any muslim who choose to purify sins, repent for the past mistakes and learn good lessons indeed. U do the math laa..

And the advice to appeal by PM display some preface of One Malaysia concept and send a goodbye message to the previous Islam Hadhari concept :). I believe that he's just in pressure state when this Kartika issue steal a bit limelight in international level. And much worse.. this issue has create stress in negative ways including an occurrence of a Facebook account listed as 'HELP KARTIKA SARI DEWI SHUKARNO'. I admit it is very hard to make people understand especially non-muslim that this kind of sentence and punishments are only applicable on muslim and has nothing to do with human right violation. It is some obligation in Islamic law to protect and prevent bad condition. As a leader, PM is also carrying a title of Muslim leader. As a matter of fact, he's obliged to explain seriously about Islamic Law which mean no harm to anybody unguilty... Not to confront the law in order to prevent negative views. The means of being a prime leader is to have power to execute right thing, not being such a defensive and too considering unnecessary angles. In other simple word = BRAVE ! I think, many alcohol drinkers are smiling out there.."yey, we have our saviour!"

Alaahai SIS...

Another superficial research and view being released by Sisters In Islam (again). It is sad to see that such group are given quite big space to express their feminisme thought. I mean they really come out with 'something' whenever issues relating to Syariah Court being raised. And whatever they brought is never engaged with the correct Islamic guidelines as they dont looked into the essential sources and only based on current situation and logical thinking (with some hints of feminisme emotion - It really shows ladies!)

This year...

Independence Day only bring sadness to me as we reached 1000 backward steps regarding social issues.

Ramadhan and Syawal also would never bring so much joy as the H1N1 is being massively transmitted in Malaysia. Currently, one of my relative is fighting really bad to this infectious threat. Her lungs and kidneys already failed to work and latest news yesterday, she has only 20% chances to survive :( Ya Allah..bless her with some miracle.. For me, H1N1 is a sign of His anger and warn. Everybody is open to be attacked regardless good or bad people.

"Daripada Ali bin Abi Thalib r.a., Rasullulah s.a.w. bersabda: "Apabila umatku telah membuat lima belas pekara, maka bala pasti akan turun kepada mereka, iaitu :

1. Apabila harta negara hanya beredar kepada orang-orang tertentu.
2. Apabila amanah dijadikan suatu sumber keuntungan.
3. Zakat dijadikan hutang.
4. Suami yang menuruti kehendak isteri.
5. Anak derhaka kepada ibunya.
6. Sedangkan ia berbaik-baik dengan kawannya.
7. Ia suka menjauhkan diri daripada ayahnya.
8. Suara sudah ditinggikan di dalam masjid.
9. Yang menjadi ketua satu kaum adalah yang terhina di antara mereka.
10. Seseorang yang dimuliakan kerana ditakuti kejahatannya.
11. Khamar (arak) sudah diminum di merata tempat.
12. Kain sutera banyak dipakai (oleh kaum lelaki)
13. Para artis disanjung (menjadi pujaan).
14. Muzik banyak dimainkan.
15. Generasi akhir umat ini melaknat (menyalahkan) generasi pertama (sahabat). Maka pada ketika itu hendaklah mereka menanti angin merah atau gempa bumi ataupun mereka akan di ubah menjadi makhluk yang lain."

H.R. Tarmizi.

Ting..ting.. we scored FULL MARKS!! :'( :'(
*For more educational article regarding this issue..pls refer to Mama Muaz's blog

Thursday, August 20, 2009

..and More Events...

2nd Event : Family Gathering @ Alor Gajah.

Nenek & Atok invited us to kenduri of welcoming the Ramadhan month at Alor Gajah, Melakau. It was held on last weekend. This event was very looked forward as we haven't balik kampung since last 2++ months ( when Hana was 4 months old). I bet they missed Hana so much.. seems like that when my Atok will asked the very same question when he called me.. "Anak ekau dah pandai apo?" hehehe... And for Hana, this is her 2nd time visiting her moyangsss..:p I wonder what would it be like..becoz :-

1. The weather is quite hot there...especially in the afternoon.(But really cool and chilly at night) As a 'Bandar' baby who sleep in air-conditioned room..could she behave in such weather??

2. Hana dislike strangers..especially if she notice that she is with somebody unfamiliar. She will be pissed-off.. so, could she bear with people who don't understand her dislikes???

3. Usually Hana's daily life are with 2 person the least (me & hubby) and 6 people the most (maktok,paktok,acik wani, acik nadiah + us). So, what if there are 40++ people around her???

4. Hana sleep around 9 - 10 o'clock every night in a quiet and chill room. So, if the night is till 'happening' till 12 - 1 a.m? Can she sleep in peace??

And the answers are :-

1. Yess.. she really cant stand the heat. She whined, scrathing her itchy head (rash probably) and cried till we have to take her away from the house for a while.. we headed to Mak Itam's house, and there..she played and slept in Mak Itam's room + aircond for 2 hours!!

2. Again..yes, she cried when she saw unfamiliar face held her. The consequence was.. I had to be with her almost all the time. Luckily.. she still dont mind if her atok & nenek replaced me for a while. Phewwww....

3. The bright part :) She liked the merrier but with one condition.. dont hold her. She will 'talk' and smile to anyone who greeted her but dont rushingly took her away from me..she would cry...aiyyaaa... :)

4. No... she hardly slept that night becoz children were still running here and there, yelling.. old folks still making jokes and burst into huge laughter. At last.. she felt asleep coz of too tired at 11 o'clock in her moyang's room.. When everybody slept.. i transfered Hana to living room (my family's usual sleeping port) at 1.30 a.m. But much to my suprise.. one of my uncle turn on the tv and watched golf-tournament!! What kind of crap common sense he had... ended up Hana awake at 2.30 a.m and cant sleep becoz of the bright light from tv. My hubby was still awake and busy doing his officework (yeah rite.. he's a workaholic :p ). I brought Hana to him and nagged all the way bout my uncle. Then I asked my hubby to transfer our pillows & mattress to pray er hall... where Hana can sleep peacefully.I was just sooo tired at that time...D**n!!

Hahaha... funny, the situation is really different this time with Hana. I cant imagine what would it be when Hari Raya `Idulfitri in a month time. The whole family size will be doubled as well as the 'happening' situation. Can we make it through??? Ermm..need to think a backup plan I guess.

Apart from those bad situation.. one sub event that became such a relief was.. Hamper-giving event. Ngeee :) Every confirmed attendance will receive a hamper worth RM30++.. huhu, thanks to my Pak Teh as the organizer and to his generosity contributing those hampers :)

The event... ;)

My generous uncle

The hamper that I received

My atok (Hana's moyang)

I got fever and flu when get back home... Alhamdulillah, it's not what u guys think ;) Just an ordinary fever coz of too tired...

3rd Event : Yeppy Yenniversary to us!! :)

HamdanLillah... due to His permission, our marriage has reached the 3rd year happily. 18/8/09 to be exact. We celebrated this memorable event at Mama's place in modesty..alongside our anniversary 'gift' - Raihana Izzati :) Nothing fancy or suprise romantic what-so-ever dinner this time :) Just a Baker's Cottage delicious choc cake, Baker's Cottage HALAL Moon Cake, and western cuisine from Chop n Steak as the special anniversary menu.. and definitely our pray for this marriage to everlast and our neverending love beautify it..for the sake of Allah..ameen.

Yeah... mari sembelih kek!!

Our sweet anniversary present..

Alalala...shomeynye tangan ye... :)

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us :) Love u till end of my life...

Speaking of the Moon Cake... have u ever try once?? If not..then u should :) I'm not sure whether this HALAL Moon Cake tasted the same as the Non-Halal. But the looks doesn't have any different..very artistic :) I saw the big banner at the Baker's Cottage entrance claiming their Moon Cake is the 1st Halal Moon Cake...with Halal JAKIM logo.. so I said, why not give it a try. And.. i choose 4 modern flavs : Plain Pandan, Peanut Choc, Coffee Tiramisu and Dark Choc ( I dont think I can eat the traditional flavs with Lotus seed, Yolk bla bla bla...)

Plain Pandan

Coffee Tiramisu

With cheese filling...

My Hubby was very eager about them... he's the 1st dashed to the kitchen and came out with a knife (FYI ..the Moon Cake is quite big for a person to eat). He cut them quarterly and gave 'em to each of us. I can see Mama hesitated coz she still think that all Moon Cakes are not halal. Hee..cant put the blame on her. Moon cake is a very 'totok' chinese tradisional food..rite?. Then she was successfully convinced and ate 'em. Guess what.. they ain't really that bad. And quite good on certain flavs.. but I must say that they are veeeery sweet. A quarter portion was just enough for my 1st attempt. Hehehe.. aziah might like 'em.. (well, kelantanese la katekan) :p

4th pre-event : Awal Ramadhan

Today will be the last day of day eating :) Tonight will be the 1st terawih & tomorrow for sahur. Hmm..Alhamdulillah, we meet again Ramadhan. And I really hope I can genuinely blend into the Ramadhan blessing & numerous benefits. Ya Allah..let me feel the sweetness of ibadah, gain the rejoice promised to Muslim who fasted, purify myself with doing good deeds and asking for Your forgiveness for past, present & future mistakes. Let Ramadhan be the strong bridge connecting me & You Ya Allah.. if I had been neglecting Your commands so many time in previous months..then, dont let me repeat in Ramadhan :'( Please..dont left me behind... ameen.

Me and hubby plan having our 1st sahur at Mama's place. I plan to cook that morning so that Mama can rest. She looks very tired after taking care of Hana for the whole Hana dont give a chance to Maktok to rest..huuu, Sian Maktok tau, Hana... Ermm.. hopefully the plan will be successfully executed ;) Ok then.. the next entry will be on Ramadhan InsyaAllah..kay? have a blessed day & rewarded night...

Friday, August 7, 2009

1st Event in August

So-called Birthday Celebration :p

Hahaha... last 2 weeks, I was 'busy psychoing' one of my best fren (Che Da..hihihi) when she came with a suggestion.. " Achik..besday Kak Teh ujung bulan Ogos nih, jom kite celebrate awal sket sebelum poser" .. and I said " Boley jer.. ajak geng2 gath yang biase dan yg dekat2 leh dtg" - This refer to Hairin, Maryam, Wani -. Then we agreed to select Friday on the 1st week in August as the date.. which leads to today's event. Hahaha... :D By the way..who's Kak Teh?? Hee... She's Nur Aziah bt. Che Abd. Aziz, my ex-dormmate in Kisas (E31), my ex-UM mate and till now.. she's remain as my lepak mate, lunch mate and sometimes.. LRT mate..ngeee :D I've known her for almost 11 years!!.

And for the event today.. big applause given to Che Da for her well-performance in providing marvellous homemade cheese cakes, fruit tarts, a sweet birthday card :) .. and provide her Kelisa as our transportation. As well as Hairin for the... actually I forgot to ask what exactly was she brought..I mean the name.. but it tasted divine! It's like a doughnut texture in finger food size..with chocolate topping and chocolate cream inside. Whoaa... whatever u brought ladies, definitely contributing massive amount of kgs addition to me.. hahaha. Luckily, I was able to control my appetite.. :p

Ade rupe cam org kebulur tak?? :p

Me & besday girl :)

Sister's Kitchen had been chosen as our celebration venue. It's located inside Menara Hap Seng, behind The Weld. This place have a modern looks and very cozy. First time been here (as well as Menara Hap Seng :). After selecting 'port'.. we ordered the food and che Da started the 'poyo' event..hahaha, she took out the cheese cakes and tarts.. As a Takaful agent, she was trained to promote everything she had.. like those cakes : " Ni homemade cheese cake ni, kawan che Da wat sendiri, dio pastikan sumer bahan2 yang digunakan adalah Halal...raselah, sedap..che Da suko sangat" . Lucky for her... the cake taste good, as well as those tarts. If not...then all her takaful products are open for BIG arguements..hahahahaha :) Jange marah che Da..gughau jah... :D After about 10 mins enjoying our great-self-brought appetizers.. our foods came and they were...

Che Da's laksa lemak siam : She claimed, purely siam's taste better..without realizing that she was finishing every single thing till the last drop.. then she said again "Emm.. the siam's taste better..brrppp, alhamdulillahhhh" :p

Aziah & Hairin 's shrimp fried rice + fried dumpling

My hainanese nasik ayam + dumpling soup :)

Our appetizers : Cheese cake(attraction of the day), fruit tarts & chocolate 'thing'..hahaha :D

Birthday girl with her special cake :)

Overall.. this event was a... something to remember (at least a year)..wakakaka :D The meal was satisfying, the cakes + whatever che Da & hairin brought was great, the price (which the payment was made by me - my only contribution) was affordable..quite cheap compared to Delifrance ..hihihihi :D The next besday celebration will be ...hmm, Disember I think (if they remember me..huuuu :p ) whehehe... InsyaAllah, we can always spend time together despite on particular celebration.. right?..


I had a chance to watch this movie at my cousin's house (at last I had!!). And I give 5 star rate. Why? becoz this Transformers II is way much better than the 1 st sequel. The storyline is been elaborated creatively.. Eventhough Prime had to die in the middle of the story.. but towards the end.. he awakes with pride..hahaha :D I always had goose bumps when I saw Prime enterframe the scene... with the music sound effect, the way he's been introduced, his 'voice'..really charismatic! although he's just a ROBOT. And in this sequel, Autobots had been extremely 'ditaji' by The Fallen & Decepticons... :( Hero & Heroin...hmm, actually I dont really care about Witwicky and his girl (forgot the name at the moment). I really enjoy the battle part..especially the way their transformed in either way (robot to vehicles vice versa). Their CGI technique is magnificent!!

And one more thing that really amazed me was... despite all the blasting guns, exploded bombs, and those chaotic sounds.. Hana sleep soundly in my arms. She was not distracted even a bit.. and leave us to watch peacefully and excitingly..hehehehe.. tengkiu cayang mama... Mama dah xleh nak watch movies kat cinema dah skang. And I will never ever bring Hana to cinema within 2-3 years... or maybe longer. My very 1st movie watched in cinema was in my primary day..with my father. I think when I was around 12 years old. So, Hana is prohibitted to cinema for a 'while' :D

Bravo Transformers II !!!