Friday, August 7, 2009

1st Event in August

So-called Birthday Celebration :p

Hahaha... last 2 weeks, I was 'busy psychoing' one of my best fren (Che Da..hihihi) when she came with a suggestion.. " Achik..besday Kak Teh ujung bulan Ogos nih, jom kite celebrate awal sket sebelum poser" .. and I said " Boley jer.. ajak geng2 gath yang biase dan yg dekat2 leh dtg" - This refer to Hairin, Maryam, Wani -. Then we agreed to select Friday on the 1st week in August as the date.. which leads to today's event. Hahaha... :D By the way..who's Kak Teh?? Hee... She's Nur Aziah bt. Che Abd. Aziz, my ex-dormmate in Kisas (E31), my ex-UM mate and till now.. she's remain as my lepak mate, lunch mate and sometimes.. LRT mate..ngeee :D I've known her for almost 11 years!!.

And for the event today.. big applause given to Che Da for her well-performance in providing marvellous homemade cheese cakes, fruit tarts, a sweet birthday card :) .. and provide her Kelisa as our transportation. As well as Hairin for the... actually I forgot to ask what exactly was she brought..I mean the name.. but it tasted divine! It's like a doughnut texture in finger food size..with chocolate topping and chocolate cream inside. Whoaa... whatever u brought ladies, definitely contributing massive amount of kgs addition to me.. hahaha. Luckily, I was able to control my appetite.. :p

Ade rupe cam org kebulur tak?? :p

Me & besday girl :)

Sister's Kitchen had been chosen as our celebration venue. It's located inside Menara Hap Seng, behind The Weld. This place have a modern looks and very cozy. First time been here (as well as Menara Hap Seng :). After selecting 'port'.. we ordered the food and che Da started the 'poyo' event..hahaha, she took out the cheese cakes and tarts.. As a Takaful agent, she was trained to promote everything she had.. like those cakes : " Ni homemade cheese cake ni, kawan che Da wat sendiri, dio pastikan sumer bahan2 yang digunakan adalah Halal...raselah, sedap..che Da suko sangat" . Lucky for her... the cake taste good, as well as those tarts. If not...then all her takaful products are open for BIG arguements..hahahahaha :) Jange marah che Da..gughau jah... :D After about 10 mins enjoying our great-self-brought appetizers.. our foods came and they were...

Che Da's laksa lemak siam : She claimed, purely siam's taste better..without realizing that she was finishing every single thing till the last drop.. then she said again "Emm.. the siam's taste better..brrppp, alhamdulillahhhh" :p

Aziah & Hairin 's shrimp fried rice + fried dumpling

My hainanese nasik ayam + dumpling soup :)

Our appetizers : Cheese cake(attraction of the day), fruit tarts & chocolate 'thing'..hahaha :D

Birthday girl with her special cake :)

Overall.. this event was a... something to remember (at least a year)..wakakaka :D The meal was satisfying, the cakes + whatever che Da & hairin brought was great, the price (which the payment was made by me - my only contribution) was affordable..quite cheap compared to Delifrance ..hihihihi :D The next besday celebration will be ...hmm, Disember I think (if they remember me..huuuu :p ) whehehe... InsyaAllah, we can always spend time together despite on particular celebration.. right?..


I had a chance to watch this movie at my cousin's house (at last I had!!). And I give 5 star rate. Why? becoz this Transformers II is way much better than the 1 st sequel. The storyline is been elaborated creatively.. Eventhough Prime had to die in the middle of the story.. but towards the end.. he awakes with pride..hahaha :D I always had goose bumps when I saw Prime enterframe the scene... with the music sound effect, the way he's been introduced, his 'voice'..really charismatic! although he's just a ROBOT. And in this sequel, Autobots had been extremely 'ditaji' by The Fallen & Decepticons... :( Hero & Heroin...hmm, actually I dont really care about Witwicky and his girl (forgot the name at the moment). I really enjoy the battle part..especially the way their transformed in either way (robot to vehicles vice versa). Their CGI technique is magnificent!!

And one more thing that really amazed me was... despite all the blasting guns, exploded bombs, and those chaotic sounds.. Hana sleep soundly in my arms. She was not distracted even a bit.. and leave us to watch peacefully and excitingly..hehehehe.. tengkiu cayang mama... Mama dah xleh nak watch movies kat cinema dah skang. And I will never ever bring Hana to cinema within 2-3 years... or maybe longer. My very 1st movie watched in cinema was in my primary day..with my father. I think when I was around 12 years old. So, Hana is prohibitted to cinema for a 'while' :D

Bravo Transformers II !!!


Nurul Huda said...

Salam...hamboi2....sodap2 jer ngata org...lebey sodap lg dr laksa lemak yg org nmpk cam kebulur tu dok tgh pilih...:p....:p....

promote2....cchheeezzz cake utk b'day Hana, tp mama and papa yg makan nnti...:P

risha said...

Wahaha.. sudah 2 org posting on this event. Cik Yin bila lg??

Wo.. Mas, kena promote dulu b'day girl ye:D Siap ltk full name seb baik xlink to blog huhu..

That chocolate 'thingy' tu mmg yummy tp in this pics nmpk em.. cm nmpk klaka2 skit hehe.. nmpk t'golek2:p

TQVM Mas for treating us. Nnt blanje lg hihi.. Dec kitaorg will remember. Pe kate celeb kt PDS!! Pergh.. sure gempak giler..

Mama Hana said...

Che Da : Besday Hana nanti makan makanan sehat aje, cis kek xelok utk kesihatan sekuarge..hahaha :D

Aziah : Jgn aa celebrate besday saye kat PD... nanti xcukup kek nak banjer aa..huuhuhuhu.. suh ejen takapul banjer aa... dia kayo doh :)))

Nurul Huda said...

Kihkih...sekali sekala tak per..:p..
Uiks, mudah2 an itu satu doa...ejen takapul akan jd kaya sengoti lah pasni..:D...
bley2..setakayt kek tu, leh ar belanja..hehehe...insyaAllah...nk kek apa plaks nnti dec? Tiramisu? Choc moist? Marble? Kek pisang? Kek buah naga? Kek dinasour? kek elephant pun bleh..:p:p:p

Saavi said...

Nice preparation and in pack it looks like chocolate or biscuit oh ya photographs are very good keep it up


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