Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some short views over Kartika's issue..

The very 1st thing I do after switching on my PC & get connected to net @ my to scroll down issues on online newspapers. But yesterday.. there was an issue that really captured my attention and turned on my curiosity. It was Kartika's whipped sentence that has been temporarily aborted due to fasting month. And there was our 'beloved' PM directly adviced Kartika to appeal and not to simply accept (redha) the sentence. What the heck??!!.. Is that true that statement had been said by a Malaysian Muslim leader when she was obviously breaking the Islamic law and pleaded guilty?? Really a pathetic statement in this Ramadhan as well as the becoming 52nd Independence Day. For those who is unaware about this issue.. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, a muslim model is carrying out 6 canes sentence and fined for drinking beer in public. The whip sentence was supposed to be carried out yesterday but was aborted due to (uneacceptable) reason : Respect the fasting month. Ramadhan is suppose to be the best time for any muslim who choose to purify sins, repent for the past mistakes and learn good lessons indeed. U do the math laa..

And the advice to appeal by PM display some preface of One Malaysia concept and send a goodbye message to the previous Islam Hadhari concept :). I believe that he's just in pressure state when this Kartika issue steal a bit limelight in international level. And much worse.. this issue has create stress in negative ways including an occurrence of a Facebook account listed as 'HELP KARTIKA SARI DEWI SHUKARNO'. I admit it is very hard to make people understand especially non-muslim that this kind of sentence and punishments are only applicable on muslim and has nothing to do with human right violation. It is some obligation in Islamic law to protect and prevent bad condition. As a leader, PM is also carrying a title of Muslim leader. As a matter of fact, he's obliged to explain seriously about Islamic Law which mean no harm to anybody unguilty... Not to confront the law in order to prevent negative views. The means of being a prime leader is to have power to execute right thing, not being such a defensive and too considering unnecessary angles. In other simple word = BRAVE ! I think, many alcohol drinkers are smiling out there.."yey, we have our saviour!"

Alaahai SIS...

Another superficial research and view being released by Sisters In Islam (again). It is sad to see that such group are given quite big space to express their feminisme thought. I mean they really come out with 'something' whenever issues relating to Syariah Court being raised. And whatever they brought is never engaged with the correct Islamic guidelines as they dont looked into the essential sources and only based on current situation and logical thinking (with some hints of feminisme emotion - It really shows ladies!)

This year...

Independence Day only bring sadness to me as we reached 1000 backward steps regarding social issues.

Ramadhan and Syawal also would never bring so much joy as the H1N1 is being massively transmitted in Malaysia. Currently, one of my relative is fighting really bad to this infectious threat. Her lungs and kidneys already failed to work and latest news yesterday, she has only 20% chances to survive :( Ya Allah..bless her with some miracle.. For me, H1N1 is a sign of His anger and warn. Everybody is open to be attacked regardless good or bad people.

"Daripada Ali bin Abi Thalib r.a., Rasullulah s.a.w. bersabda: "Apabila umatku telah membuat lima belas pekara, maka bala pasti akan turun kepada mereka, iaitu :

1. Apabila harta negara hanya beredar kepada orang-orang tertentu.
2. Apabila amanah dijadikan suatu sumber keuntungan.
3. Zakat dijadikan hutang.
4. Suami yang menuruti kehendak isteri.
5. Anak derhaka kepada ibunya.
6. Sedangkan ia berbaik-baik dengan kawannya.
7. Ia suka menjauhkan diri daripada ayahnya.
8. Suara sudah ditinggikan di dalam masjid.
9. Yang menjadi ketua satu kaum adalah yang terhina di antara mereka.
10. Seseorang yang dimuliakan kerana ditakuti kejahatannya.
11. Khamar (arak) sudah diminum di merata tempat.
12. Kain sutera banyak dipakai (oleh kaum lelaki)
13. Para artis disanjung (menjadi pujaan).
14. Muzik banyak dimainkan.
15. Generasi akhir umat ini melaknat (menyalahkan) generasi pertama (sahabat). Maka pada ketika itu hendaklah mereka menanti angin merah atau gempa bumi ataupun mereka akan di ubah menjadi makhluk yang lain."

H.R. Tarmizi.

Ting..ting.. we scored FULL MARKS!! :'( :'(
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