Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Salam for all..

First and foremost, thanks to Allah for everything.. for His neverending bless, rizq, happiness, tests of life..i mean every single thing, which indicates His attention and love to us, to me and my family. Our colorful life is one of a sign of His greatness and undefeatable power.. definitely throw our mind into a deeply thinking of what we're supposed to be, to fulfill our obligation, to accomplish according to what He wants.. choose the right path and return peacefully to Him at the end of our lives. Have we ever think about it really in-depth? Is the outcome matched? Hrmmm...........


She's been cheering my life a lot along this 6 months. She's growing up each day and last 28th June is her 6 months'. I haven't bring her to see paeds for her 6 months' jab. Maybe next week insyaAllah. And i have a lot of question to ask the paeds regarding hana's new behaviour - refuse to drink milk ! Why hana?? And i believe she's having weight loss due to this problem. Her cheeks are not so fluffy as ever :( It's like a mini-battle between hana and me (or maktok) when i tried to feed her. Both end up with exhaustion. She will fall asleep and i will stare at her with unsatisfy feeling + worries + sad... She only drinks in sleep or after a long 7-8 hours. Pls stop doing that dear..u might get dehydrated :(

Alhamdulillah, her milestones is still on the right track. She's very active..bouncing on her feet, rolling all over when lies on her chest. Babbling and yelling and the latest.. we bought her a walker..hehehe, yesss... she's starting to sit with support. We also started to use car seat for her. Now.. me and my hubby can go to work separately and no longer needs to hold hana when sending her to maktok. And she seems 'ok' with the car seat and walker. I hope she'll never get bored after 2-3 weeks time and cry again to be lifted..huuuu..

And.. to my sweet, beautiful and irresistable daughter.. mama wish u a very happy birthday. Ya Allah..please return my daughter's appetite, always put her in Your protection.. make her healthier from time to time.. and guide me and my hubby to be at our best as her parent. Sparkle our family with Your love and blessing ya Allah... ameen.

She didn't stop drooling since 2 months old... hrmm... did I missed any of my pregnancy crave?

They said she resembles me in this pic..

Ni keje ayah ngan auntie2 dia..

Hana in her walker...

Hana in sleepy eye mode.. with Paktok


Hahahaha.. is to check up my virtual farm! Seriously, I got addicted to this facebook's game. I even did it at 3 - 4 am (after feeding hana) with my garfield eyes... to make sure none of my crops are wasted. I've got to harvest my crops within time of (virtual) coins will go in vein. Hahaha... Thinking back, this 'culprit' game took some portion of my sleeping time but on the other hands.. this habit indirectly make me spend erm.. not so much time to perform something else.. :) Hahaha... good medium to help me in this upcoming Ramadhan (hopefully).


There was a MPH Bookstore sale at the ground floor.. I was on my way to Delifrance for lunch (hehe.. aziah knew my obsession towards Delifrance). From above..on the escalator, my eyes captured at a familiar novel's cover.. It's NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer!!.. Goshh.. I've been looking for this novel since I read the synopsis at the Wikipedia. New Moon is a sequel from one of my favourite film - TWILIGHT. I rushed and grabbed it.. then I saw ECLIPSE.. another sequel after New Moon. Grabbed it too.. thehe.. I searched for the last sequel - BREAKING DAWN but unfortunately they said out of stock. Totally sold out yesterday. D**n!! . I felt in love with Twilight and I can't wait to watch New Moon which is been scheduled for release on this November. Hehe.. to anyone who watched Twilight before.. u'll know what I meant ( Edward Cullen melt my heart ;p ). Those 2 novels cost me about RM66 with 553 pages each. Hopefully manage to finish 'em all :)

Thick eh??

The Film


risha said...

Not too hard to understand 'What Mastura's Want' coz she'll speak up on her mind behalf hihi.. Perhaps to someone she knows, of course not everybodyla..

Hana's sooo cute with her only tooth..

Kak Zaim said...

Normally, ada masa/fasa baby tak nak makan/menyusu. Orang tua2 kata dia nak 'ringankan tubuh'. Biasanya lepas tu dia nak mula merangkak atau berjalan. Kalau dia tak menangis atau tunjuk tanda2 tak sihat, takpe.. Don't worry..

Akak pun minat filem 'Twillight' jugak.. Sebab watak Edward Cullen tu pegang watak Cedric Diggory dalam Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.. Apa2 yang berkait dgn Harry Potter mesti jadi minat. tak sangka cerita tu based on novel. Dah lama tak baca novel sejak beranak 3 ni.. Tak sempat.. huhuhu..

Mama Hana said...

Thanks akak.. mak saya pun cakap gitu, alhamdulillah paeds cakap hana sihat sesangat..xde pape prob :) Hehe..pasal novel tu pun..saya xmembace novel sejak grad...tapi bile bace sinopsis new moon, rase nak membace full version pulak...huhu..

alyyani said...

mas, apsl hana takmo susu? nia tak penah lg tak mau minum susu. dari lahir smpi skang palong lama pun lepas 4 jam mesti nak susu.

wah, ko pun addict game fb? best ke? huhu

Mama Hana said...

Hmm.. sekali dalam sebulan (around seminggu) ade mase2 Hana reject susu... nak bg pun kene gadoh2 dulu :D Tapi minggu ni dia dah minum ok balek.. tu pun 5 jam - 5 setengah oz - sket kan? kalo makan..laaagila lama gap minum dia.
Hahaha..haah, Farmtown bes gile aa..huhu :D Maenla..jadik neighbour aku :p

aZiEaNa AbU hAsSaN said...

salam kak mas azie dah letak kak mas nyer link hehe...

hana tak mo susu...cuba tukar susu lain kot2 dia boring minum susu tu huhuhu...

zahrah plak susah nak bagi makan macam tak interested kalo bg bubur nasi tu ade la 2/3 suap pastu die dah tutup mulut dia...

Saavi said...



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